Vortex Volleyball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

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Girls Indoor Club FAQs

Q. How do I pay for Tryouts? April 17, 2024
A. All tryout fees must be paid via the website. After you have made your profile, sign in and go to the register tab. Choose the program you would like to sign up for and complete your registration by paying the fee. You will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully signed up for the program.

Q. When will I be able to renew my SRVA membership? April 17, 2024
A. SRVA membership registration begins July 1st. However, a 2023-24 membership does not expire until August 31st, so your child's registration from last year will be sufficient for tryouts this season.

Q. How will I know if my player made a team? April 17, 2024
A. We will post the results of the club tryouts in the aptly titled "Tryout Results" under the "Club Season" Tab on the home page. If your child made a club team, We will email you with your offer along with a list of the projected teammates for her team. We will post the League teams under the "Leagues" tab.

Q. When will commitments be due? April 17, 2024
A. Per SRVA, your child will have 5 days from the date of the email offer to accept her spot on the assigned team. Once you have accepted, you will need to pay $500 within the next 48hrs to secure your spot on the team. This payment will go towards your overall club fees for the season.

Q. What are the fees for the '24-'25 club season? April 17, 2024
A. The total fees for each player will range from $2250-$3000 depending on age group/placement.

Q. What do club fees include? April 17, 2024
A. Club fees include tournament entry cost, facility management, coach's pay.

Q. When will payments be due? April 17, 2024
A. Payments must be made in full by November 30th.

Q. How many teams will you have and what age groups will they include? April 17, 2024
A. We are estimated to have at least one team in age groups 12U to 18U minimum.

Q. Which Coaches will be assigned to which age group? April 17, 2024
A. Coaching announcements will be made on our website and social media accounts as soon as they are determined. They will be available before Club tryouts in July.

League FAQs

Q. What happens at player evaluations? April 18, 2024
A. Evaluations will consist of multiple volleyball skills including serving, passing, and setting. ● Evaluation scores will be the basis for determining which team a player will be assigned to for the regular season and are vital to creating fair and balanced teams. ● Only registered players will be evaluated. ● Evaluations will be done by Vortex Coaching staff. ● Parents should stay during the evaluation process. ● Players should wear kneepads and proper athletic shoes to evaluations. (No crocs, flip flops, etc.)